I'm a Villain, So I'll Take Over The World!

I'm a Villain, So I'll Take Over The World!

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    Noah was a social outcast, bullied and shunned by his peers. He suffered humiliation after humiliation, building up a resentment for the world that he couldn’t act on, as he was as weak as they come.

    That is, until he discovers a dusty grimoire in his attic. Just by opening it, a mystical power flooded his very being, fundamentally altering his body and granting him a gift unlike any other.

    [Creator’s Grimoire System: Activated]

    [Starting Level: 100]

    Equipped with the strongest system, unrivaled and seemingly boundless in its abilities, Noah decides to take back the life he missed out on, and much more.

    Weaving time, rewriting the memories of those around him, and even summoning fictional heroes, there seems to be no limit to the newfound power he has gained from his system.

    As the world’s first supervillain, he sets his sights on world domination, but who will try and stop the godlike youth in his path?

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