Garden Of The Abyss

Garden Of The Abyss

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    Frail, ignorant, and afraid—yet he wants everything; this is the story of a young man and his rise from the bottom of the barrel to the heights that try to slip through his fingers.

    This is not the tale of a hero blessed by the gods, loved by the world, or praised by the people. This is the story of a man faced with hardship, abandoned by the world, and forced to continue pushing onward, despite whatever flaws and obstacles may come his way.

    Secluded to his home by his own choice, Ren Nakamura, NEET extraordinaire, exists only by his own pleasure and displeasure, with little to his name and a personality flawed beyond compare, living in his own bedroom in his parent's house, sticking himself to his PC from dusk till dawn. That is until Ren visits the local shop to purchase a new video game, suddenly finding himself transported into another world.

    Using his wisdom as a shut-in, Ren quickly deducts what had happened: somehow, someway, he had found himself into an “isekai journey”, with him as the main character. Ignited by aspirations once again, Ren becomes over-thrilled with the prospect of the magical powers that will be granted to him, only to find out this world doesn't operate in his favor–quite the opposite.

    Unforgiving, unwelcoming, unrelenting–this is the world Ren must traverse, contrary to the gentle other-world fantasy he had hoped for.

    Otherworlders are hunted down by powerful, brutal mages known as “Argonauts”—the very nemesis of any hailing from Earth.

    Will Ren be able to persevere through these hardships without losing who he is?

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