Twilight over Celesterra: The Alliance of Survivors

Twilight over Celesterra: The Alliance of Survivors

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    In a world where succubi are half-human, half-monster creatures, they depend on the life essence of human men for sustenance. However, they are unable to extract it themselves as they are not considered attractive by human men. The succubi are responsible for ensuring the safety of humans, they have established large security enterprises over the years.

    Therefore, it is the duty of human women to provide them with this essence. One fateful day, a virus outbreak occurs in a research facility on the continent of Ocezoria, transforming the infected individuals into a type of undead beings.

    Join Andreas Kappel, an 18-year-old young man who, prior to the virus epidemic, was attempting to secure a job interview at an essence farm, as he embarks on an exploration of this unique universe.