Transmigration: The Fate of the Villainess

Transmigration: The Fate of the Villainess

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    ‘Yoknapha,’ an international and well-known villainess actress, is suddenly transmigrated into a series she once starred in as ‘Bai Yu,’ a daughter of the senior chancellor. If this world follows the same plot of the story she knows, she will always lose to ‘Bai Hua,’ the heroin.

    Nevertheless, if she loses this time, the one who will receive disgrace is not Bai Yu, but Yoknapha herself. That is why this time she will not surrender to the dreadful fate!

    If it is determined that a heroine will end up with a hero in every love story, this one has to be different. She will be a villainess who gets to be paired with a hero herself. If wicked deeds bring what she needs, she will stay evil to the end!

    That will be easier if a mysterious man Bai Yu does not remember exists does not appear and makes her heart pound like this!

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