The Villain has Perished

The Villain has Perished

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    “No matter what I would do, my actions would inevitably change the story. I knew this already.... But what do you mean that I changed the plot even before reincarnating in the novel!? ”


    Should I follow the plot of the novel? Or should I do as I wish? Maybe I should follow the plot while making changes favorable to me?

    These would be the first questions of those who reincarnate inside a novel. However, due to a certain event, Sol didn't have that luxury. He had already influenced the plot.

    The change he created wasn’t small either. If nothing was done, the novel would head for a 100% certain bad end: Destruction of the multiverse.

    Luckily for Sol, the plot of the novel had yet to begin. It would take a few months before everything starts in earnest and all the dimensions combine, bringing along the dying worlds and their catastrophes for the Great Merge.

    “Yes! I will enjoy my life to the fullest!”

    Calamities? Future Catastrophes? Inevitable Destruction?

    Sol doesn't care for those things. He has a single aim, to live a life that would make even the Gods jealous!

    Be it the hero who brings hope, the villain who crushes the protagonist, or the enigma who controls everything while staying in the background. Sol will switch to any role that benefits him.

    But will everything go as he has planned? The longer Sol lives in this new world, the greater mysteries he comes to face. To start with, his new identity itself is….

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