The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!

The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!

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    On a cold winter day, Yun Bao, who was already unconscious, was kicked out of the house by her biological father.

    “You’re so evil at such a young age. You pushed your stepmother down the stairs. Now, the baby in her stomach is gone. Are you happy now? Why didn’t I strangle you when you were born? You bring bad luck to this family!” Her father exclaimed before beating her up harshly.

    Yun Bao, who was only three-and-a-half years old, couldn’t take it and collapse on the snowy ground.

    Just as she was about to die, her eight uncles made it in time to save her!

    Did she nearly freeze in the snow? Was she about to lose her life after being beaten up? Did people accuse her of hurting her stepmother’s baby? Did she cause her mother’s death and her father’s bankruptcy

    Faced with all these negative rumors, her eight uncles chuckled.

    “Doesn’t he enjoy hurting others? Turn off all the air-conditioners in the house. Let them stand outside for the entire night!” Her first uncle said.

    “Doesn’t he enjoy hitting others? Give me the sack. I’m going to ease up the tension in his muscles,” her second uncle said.

    “What does imminent bankruptcy mean? I’ll make him bankrupt right away!” Her third uncle exclaimed.

    As for the miscarriage? It wasn’t even real! Yun Bao’s grandfather found out the truth and tossed the evidence to her jerk of a father. He also taught him a lesson with his walking stick.

    After being beaten up by his ex-wife’s family, Yun Bao’s father refused to back down. He said to himself, “That bitch brings bad luck to everyone in her life. They won’t have a good life!”

    However, after Yun Bao returned to her mother’s side of the family, not only did her uncles’ lives not worsen, but they kept getting better and better. Even her grandmother, who had been bedridden for the longest time, recovered and was able to get onto her feet again.

    One day, a dominant CEO who appeared out of nowhere adopted her. Her entire family pampered her like a princess!

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