The Stingiest Boyfriend: The Entire Internet Begged For Me To Break Up

The Stingiest Boyfriend: The Entire Internet Begged For Me To Break Up

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    # savingmoney

    Chen Che transmigrated to a parallel world and received the Savings Cashback System.

    As long as he deposited money regularly into the system’s designated bank, even though his saving records would not be displayed, he could obtain 10000 times cashback after three months!

    What was he waiting for?

    He immediately switched over to an extremely stingy mode, going all out to save money.

    Just as he was beginning to do this, his childhood friend, Lin Xi, suddenly came to confess to him.

    Lin Xi, who was once the girl from next door, had become an absolute beauty CEO.

    Both of them had feelings for each other, so they naturally got together.

    Due to being invited to a three-month-long reality show called The Daily Life of Couples, their love life was put on display before the entire Internet.

    A viewer commented, “He wears clothes from the donation box, stays in a 24-hour convenience store, rides a shared bike, eats cup noodles every day and does not even add sausages to it. What sort of beggar is he?”

    Another viewer added, “Most importantly, the goddess is treating him so well. Not only does she take care of him every day, she even sends him gifts.”

    Viewer 3 said, “But, Chen Che exchanges the gifts she gives him for cash instead!”

    Viewer 4 lamented, “P*ssy! He does not deserve her love!”

    Viewer 5 wailed, “I can’t take it anymore! Both of you, please break up. Spare Goddess Lin Xi!”


    Three months later, when the show was approaching its end, it was also time for him to claim the cashback reward.

    With tears in her eyes, Lin Xi revealed, “Let me tell you a secret. My company went bankrupt long ago. I spent my last days as a free man hanging out with the person I love. However, since the natural person needs to bear all responsibilities for the bankruptcy, I will be going to jail tomorrow. You don’t have to come looking for me. Thank you, Chen Che. I have had a great time with you.”

    Chen Che said, “Then, let me tell you a secret as well.”

    He brought her to a bank with a smile. He then swiped a card and said, “Transfer 100 million to Miss Lin for now.”

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