The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old

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    Three-year-old Jiang Huailu transmigrates to find herself at the execution grounds!

    She opens her eyes. The guillotine blade is hanging above her head, swaying.

    Her parents are wearing prison uniforms. They stretch their necks long, waiting for the guillotine blade to fall.

    This is a world where devils prevail.

    Evil energy rages here. People shut their doors at night and only come out at dawn.

    The empire is in chaos. World order has collapsed. The monarchs are brutal.

    Wars break out. People are living from hand to mouth.

    The Imperial Preceptor predicts that a disaster is approaching. A devil will destroy the world, and the legendary savior will come to save them.

    The entire empire is looking forward to the appearance of the savior, searching for her…

    But the savior is only three and a half years old!

    Can the savior cry in front of the world-destroying devil to stop him?

    Three-year-old Jiang Huailu doesn’t really want to be the savior!

    Isn’t it enough to stop the devil from harming other people thereby making herself the only one to suffer?

    Saving the world indirectly is also a kind of salvation!

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