The Only Good Orc is a Half-Orc

The Only Good Orc is a Half-Orc

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    Having found herself caught in a dispute between two goddesses, follow Olivia as she ends up being transmigrated to a strange new world called Khallasia as another species.

    This world contains many different races, from humans to elves and gnomes to beast-kin, along with monsters such as goblins and ogres.

    Starting anew in this world with no possessions, she will try to live her life in a world that vilifies the races that make up her species.

    Her journey will include having to learn to fight in a world where death is frequent, wars are brewing, and slavery, while illegal, is a common occurrence.

    She will face many foes, from wild animals to full-fledged monsters, as well as bandits and robbers to knights and adventures, while she tries to find a place to call home.

    With only her appearance changing, her mentality to do good deeds remains the same.

    Whether this can continue in this new and more violent world is another story, especially since the urges that plague her species will soon start to plague her.

    Warning: This is a harem, yuri novel where the MC is also a futanari.

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