The Foster Daughter's Attraction

The Foster Daughter's Attraction

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    “Hai Tang? She's just the Hai family's foster daughter. I was only playing around with her. How could I possibly take her seriously? She can't even measure up to my status!”

    Upon hearing these words from Yu Heng's own mouth, Hai Tang finally realized how he truly saw her.

    She had liked this person for over twenty years. They had grown up together since childhood, with her always looking out for him, from running errands and doing homework for him to handling company affairs on his behalf. He had always accepted her kindness but pretended to be unaware of her feelings.

    Now, the words from his lips directly crushed Hai Tang's hopes.

    From that day on, Yu Heng's shadow completely disappeared. Even his friends around him were surprised.

    How could she let go so easily after following him for so long?

    At first, Yu Heng was nonchalant. In his eyes, Hai Tang's world revolved around him, and she wouldn't be able to survive without him. But as time went on and he waited, she never came back. When he started to panic and wanted to look for her, he realized that he couldn't find her, no matter how hard he looked.

    When they met again, his shadow was already entwined with someone else, and she had a radiant smile on her face.

    Yu Heng's reddened eyes were filled with tears as he asked the girl who used to belong to him, “Tangtang, I was wrong. Can we go back to the way things were?”

    Before the girl could speak, the man beside her stepped forward. His eyes filled with malice as he said, “I advise you to stay away from my wife.”

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