The Conqueror Of Cities!

The Conqueror Of Cities!

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    Dionis endured soul-wrenching torment at the hands of his bullies, enduring daily humiliations and brutal beatings that left his spirit in pieces. However, one decisive day, he resolved to transcend his past, striving to transform into a man of dignity and worthiness, shedding the chains of degradation. His transformation journey encompassed both mental and physical training.

    After defeating those who once tormented him and reclaiming his dignity, he peacefully graduated from middle school, progressing to high school. But as he stood at this new point, an emptiness gnawed at his soul.

    “Why do I miss that feeling?” he pondered aloud.

    “I forced myself to become a weapon, yet now i lie dormant,” he added.

    Thus, Dionis, reaching out for something that gave him thrill and enjoyment, he entered the world of illegal businesses, trying to get back the excitement he felt back in middle school.

    He entered the world of illegal business blind, yet Dionis utilized his brilliant mind to emerge as a formidable presence, evoking fear and commanding a growing following. The birth of a shadowy organization marked his ascent to evil, conquering everything in his path.

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