System: Replicating The Heavens

System: Replicating The Heavens

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    Alex used to be a person with an incomplete soul and died at the age of 20 without being able to cultivate.

    Mysteriously, he once again woke up in a different world, in the body of a young man with the same name, facial features, and even soul.

    Yes, the other half of Alex's soul was actually born as this young man but since this young man's soul was also incomplete, just like Alex, he also couldn't practice martial arts.

    After both incomplete souls fused together, a System suddenly appeared and Alex could feel a kind of connection with this system as if he himself was the creator of this system.

    The System grants him the ability to see everyone's attributes and duplicate them.

    Follow Alex's journey to the peak of martial arts as he'll overturn both heaven and earth and will even try to Replicate the Heavens.

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