Surviving as the Second Main Lead: Second Lead's POV

Surviving as the Second Main Lead: Second Lead's POV

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    In a novel, who's the most pitiful exitance? One would say the Hero, others would say the Villain. Many would also say it's the mobs. But rarely would ever say it's the Second lead. However, Horas Spencer would beg to differ.

    An ordinary man before, he gets reborn into a 5-year-old body of the second main lead of a novel he wrote a long time ago. The only catch? He's not only the protagonist's brother but also the Second main lead. Now the only one who knows the truth of this new world he had been reborn in, Horas Spencer has one goal in mind - to make sure he interacts as little with the main story as possible.

    But to escape the fate of being the Second Main Lead is not easy and the challenges that Horas would have to face are many. Not to mention, find a way back to his real world where he had a decent life and family waiting for him. For that to happen, he would play various roles, even that of a Villain. Just as long as he could go home in one piece.

    However, the mystery of this new world might be tougher to crack than Horas first expected it to be. And the shadow of being the 'Second best' is not easy to overcome.

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