Surviving As An Extra In Fantasy World Isn't Easy

Surviving As An Extra In Fantasy World Isn't Easy

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    “Everyone is a protagonist of their own story and hero of their own struggles.”


    It all began with a nightmare…..

    A nightmare where corpses were strewn across the vast land and blood flowed like a river all around.

    Roy, a normal 20-year-old college student filled with hope and aspirations, found his world breaking apart, just a day after he had a terrible nightmare.

    The very next day, Roy died in an unfortunate train accident and reopened his eyes in the world of the modern fantasy book he had read.

    Dawn Of Legend.

    A world filled with myths, legends, and dangers lurking all around.

    Behind the beautiful world filled with opportunities lies a grim prospect of destruction threatening the stability and peace of the current generation.

    And in such a world, he woke up in the body of an extra called Lucas whose existence seemed to be quite negligible as there was no mention of a character named Lucas.

    He did not know whether this man even survived the first arc or did he even reach the academy safely.

    Since most of the details are omitted, it would not surprise him if this man had died somewhere in the beginning or middle of the plot.

    Finding himself in the world of the novel, countless questions came to his mind.

    Is this transmigration just a mere coincidence, or are there any external factors involved in it?

    Does the world have some plans for him, or is he some kind of pawn who could be disposed of, when he becomes worthless?

    And the most important thing, will the future events follow as mentioned in the novel? Can a mere rabbit survive in a den filled with wolves?

    Roy, who had read countless novels, knew better than anyone else that there would surely be some sort of butterfly effort that might change the plot, and the world which needs to be saved by the protagonist might be destroyed due to a change in plot.

    No… No….Let's think about unpleasant things later.

    As long as I can survive and gain a stable footing, I can work out something.

    Roy, who was now Lucas, decided to give his all to survive in this harsh world and get stronger so that he would not get swept away by the adversaries that the world was going to face in the future.

    With fierce tenacity and grit to live, Lucas strides ahead, trying his best to avoid the bleak prospect of the world ending and along the journey, searching for the secrets behind his transmigration, if there are any.

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