Sins Paradise: Domination System

Sins Paradise: Domination System

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    Horizon Online. It was a death Virtual Reality MMORPG game where people had classes, hunted monsters, got riches, and fought similar players.

    I, the strongest player in Horizon Online, managed to kill the last boss and expected to return to my home.

    But after defeating the last boss, I was given a bonus stage, where I could choose one game of my choice. Without much thought, I chose an Eroge called ‘Sins Paradise’.

    I arrived in Sins Paradise world as the minor villain with the same name as my character. But that didn't matter to me.

    [Domination System! Dominate girls after completing the requirements!]

    [Ding! You spanked Eliza Rose’s butt in public! Your Sins increased by 1!]

    Making use of my overpowered strength and Domination System, plus my handsome features, I would conquer the best girls in the Sins Paradise.

    My after journey to become the King of the world has begun!

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