Shocking The World After Bringing My Family Back In Time!

Shocking The World After Bringing My Family Back In Time!

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    Top student Jiang Xia and her family went on a road trip after her college exam.

    On the third day of their trip, they encountered a landslide.

    When they opened their eyes again, they had transmigrated back to decades ago! The family of three became skinny and sallow as they were trapped in the mountains. Jiang Xia’s father was the third son, who was the least favorite in the family because he couldn’t find food for the Jiang family during the three days that they were stuck in the mountains.

    Even Jiang Xia, who was thirteen years old, was about to be sold for food.

    For the sake of his daughter, Jiang Chuan, who had been an honest man all his life, desperately took his family into the mountains.

    But all of them had starved to death there.

    That’s when Jiang Xia’s family from the 21st century transmigrated and took over their bodies! Jiang Xia and her family retained their original names, but their personalities were completely different from their counterparts, who were all cowardly.

    They had raised three beautiful daughters, but watched helplessly as their eldest daughter was used in a substitute marriage, went into the mountains, and was not able to return for two years.

    To protect their second daughter, all three of them lost their lives.

    Jiang Xia’s family who had transmigrated were not so easily bullied.

    Having learned martial arts from a young age, Mrs. Jiang had no problem fighting alone against three people if needed to.

    Mr. Jiang had a cheat that allowed him to freely keep away the Mercedes Benz that had transmigrated over from the modern times with them.

    As for Jiang Xia, who had transmigrated as the second daughter of the Jiang family, she had a spatial pocket and extremely good luck! The Jiang family’s daughters were all amazing!

    The eldest daughter was a gentle flower, and the mountain man she married was of extraordinary origin.

    The second daughter was a top student, plus she had a spatial pocket, infinite blessings and luck, and she easily navigated through the 1960s.

    Also, there was a genius boy who was waiting for her to grow up…The third daughter took after Mrs. Jiang.

    She could fight and even kill in critical moments.

    She even managed to catch a wealthy man to support her family.

    Everyone was shocked.

    How did the weak, cowardly Jiang family suddenly change so drastically?!

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