Secret Society: Raising Calamity Class Disciples

Secret Society: Raising Calamity Class Disciples

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    Pendulum clocks replaced sand glasses; the world’s first pocket watch ticked through its 100th year. Steam power welcomed the advent of machinery; industries took over farmlands. The study of Science brought humankind out of the clutches of superstitions and pushed them to a path of endless possibilities. And one man witnessed it all.

    He was a moth among mayflies, fluttering through as generations replaced generations- fuelled by an endless thirst for knowledge. But fate decided to introduce him to a butterfly- someone alike, yet so different.

    Follow ‘The Actor’ Xavier Godwin and ‘The Seeress’ Yue Lin as they delve into the world hidden from the common eyes- a world of magic and mysticism- as they evade the sights of countless hidden organisations, and create a secret society of their own.

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