Second Marriage: My Strongest Bodyguard

Second Marriage: My Strongest Bodyguard

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    Bryana Jill Darlene, that's her name. Some people like to call her “Bryana” while others call her “Jill”.

    She is a young mother aged 24 years and has a son named Calvin Darlene.

    Her failure in building a household ark because her husband is cheated makes Bryana distrustful of the sincerity of a man's love. The rich woman prefers to be busy managing her father's company.

    Her ex-husband, Alex, continues trying to get custody of Calvin. He did not hesitate to try to kidnap and injure Bryana. This led Bryana's brother, Raymond Darlene, to hire two bodyguards to protect his younger siblings and nephews.

    Who knows? The new bodyguard who was in charge of guarding Bryana, named Dean Jackson, successfully caught her attention. A well-built man with a cold and formal attitude made the young mother curious about his life.

    It turns out that Dean is a widower and has a daughter named Sofia. his wife had died in childbirth. This made him very devastated and could not replace his late wife with another woman in his heart.

    Will Bryana be able to take Dean's, lonely heart?

    This story is not just about romance, there are conflicts and actions in it

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