Rise of the Blood Sovereign

Rise of the Blood Sovereign

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    Hi guys, this is my second novel here, and for you that have been reading my previous novel 'Is this really A Game?!' this one will be quite different. First of all, the system elements are light compared to my previous novel as the world I am writing about is one that had magic and monsters before the system arrived and is available to all. You should expect a dark story with a protagonist that acts like a villain at times and is quite calculative in his endeavors. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and here is the synopsis.

    Lyle was an orphan, he knew not of who his parents were and only had memories of his mother from a long time ago. After being discovered by a mysterious man, Lyle joined the assassin organization and rose through the ranks thanks to his hard efforts, talent, and mysterious origin.

    The world suddenly changed during one of his missions, what was supposed to be a slightly more difficult mission became a hard one, and then the change occurred.

    Mana ran rampant and the many monsters of the world became stronger, more of them appeared and suddenly the inhabitants of the world that had suppressed monsters for so long were forced to fight the more powerful monsters once again.

    For Lyle, it was a chance, however. The system came into his world and he received an opportunity to become more powerful.


    [ The system has scanned the host and has concluded that the bloodline can be activated. ]

    [ Will you activate the bloodline? ]

    [ The host will have to sacrifice all the power he has and will be back at level 1 upon doing so ]

    “My bloodline, will I finally be able to track him down after doing this?”

    “System, activate it.”

    [ The host has activated his bloodline ]

    [ The host has been marked by the Empress of the Night, it is advised that you become powerful quickly, otherwise, you might get captured ]


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