Release That Succubus

Release That Succubus

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    Zach was a sci-fi game enthusiast who unintentionally crossed over to a magical isekai. Fortunately, he had access to the previous game system and could fight the magic-savvy aborigines with high-tech weapons.

    “Magic? No, I have the lightsaber. ”

    Unlike what he expected, the system presented him with a different way of leveling up. He had to get some kind of special energy from the pretty girls' bodies on this planet so that he could unlock his weapons.

    “What the hell happened? Is my sperm capable of upgrading girls? Can my blood cause those girls to burst out instantly?”

    This was incredible.

    The succubi were a hated race in the magical isekai because they oversucked male sperm and killed men, but not Zach.

    Surprisingly, the majority of the special energy that Zach required was distributed in succubi.

    He appeared to be having a fantastic journey.

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