Rebirth of the Ruined Noble

Rebirth of the Ruined Noble

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    “I should've at least experienced sex once”

    Plummeting towards the ground with all his limbs severed, Eren thought, regretting never having experienced the pleasure of the flesh.

    His life flashed before him at his final movements, remembering him the hardships that he had experienced until now.

    The movement when he witnessed the ashes left behind by the raging flames that set his homeland ablaze, the movement when his hand was slashed off, the time when he helplessly watched his master sacrificing herself, Eren couldn't help but remember all the sufferings that he had gone through in a world that deemed him unfit for greatness.

    But despite the constant discouragement from those around him, Eren refused to give up and had desperately held onto his life, mastering the skills needed for his survival.

    However, fate had other plans for him.

    'The weak don't have the right to choose how they die,' Eren remembered the words of a dear friend as he felt helpless in his last movements.

    But refusing to give in to the plans of fate, he swallowed an artifact knowing nothing about it as he fell towards the depth of the cliff.

    A fitting end for a Ruined Noble!

    That's what Eren thought as he fell to his death, but something inside him moved.

    [ Searching for powers..… ]

    – Abyssal greed –

    – Power and tenacity –

    –Talentless persistence –

    And Eren….

    Before he could realize what happened, he was in the body of his younger self.

    With the Pendragon family still standing and his loved ones alive, he couldn't help but feel like this was his chance to finally challenge fate and rewrite his story.

    Follow Eren in this tale of regret, redemption and rebirth.

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