Pride Online

Pride Online

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    Although Wisana was the son of a developer of “Pride Online”, the most popular game of this time, he had never shown any interest in the gaming world. However, when his crush mentioned she was playing the game, he immediately joined in!

    He began his journey as a clueless new player, so inexperienced that even a two-year-old could defeat him!

    His misfortune was endless from the start…

    First, he landed in front of a Boss-level monster!

    Then, he accidentally kicked the boss and had to run for his life…

    And when he tried to sell his items for some money, he almost got tricked by a cunning seller!

    Yet, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Just as he was about to fall for the seller's trick, a girl named Maysa suddenly appeared and saved him.

    She taught him everything about this virtual world and even invited him to join her party.

    Who would have known… that their lives would change forever…

    The system would like to announce an event from the GM, hunting the Boss “Lord Inferno” at the abandoned dungeon with a Mini Event “Get the shot if you dare!”

    “This is definitely our event,” Maysa said, looking up at Wisana with sparkling eyes. Wisana turned to look at the pretty face that was made up with a smile as always. But he somehow felt anxious.

    “I changed my mind. We’re not going to Tristan tomorrow. We’re going to the abandoned dungeon!”


    And so, the legendary adventure of the duo began!

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