Peerless Sword Saint Checks In Secretly For 3000 Years

Peerless Sword Saint Checks In Secretly For 3000 Years

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    Just became the disciple with the highest seniority, but the Age of the Dark Mist descended, and the sect plummeted into a land plagued with raging demons.

    Shen Changge who had already written his suicide note suddenly awakened to a Check-in System.

    [Check-in at Sword Lord Statue, Success, acquired: Empyrean Sword Manual]

    [Check-in at Training Ground, Success, acquired: Cultivation Base*50 years]

    [Check-in at Sword Clout Mountain, Success, acquired: Sword Clout of Destruction*1s]

    In the Age of the Dark Mist, demons were rampant, and an impenetrable mist veiled the empyrean. By vanquishing demons, the mist could be dispelled, and new check-in locations could be unlocked. By doing so clandestinely, Shen Changge became a Sword Saint.

    When a demon broke into the Empyrean Sword Sect, everyone in the sect was powerless. People were in despair, until they met that young man in white who had just checked in at the Empyrean Peak. The young man’s eyes were ablaze.

    “Submit, demon.”

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