Mythical Slayer: Mythical Girls Contract

Mythical Slayer: Mythical Girls Contract

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    A 20 year old young chef, Kai, loved Supernatural things. He loved to read and know about myths and stories and longed for them.

    One day, after closing a restaurant, a voice called out inside his head.

    [Help me!]

    What he didn’t know was his life would change when he met a girl, a Phoenix, who asked for his help. From her, he found out about his special constitution of being able to make a contract with Mythical Beasts.

    With the power of Mythical Beasts in his hand, he would shake the hidden Supernatural World.

    Accompany his journey, from being a simple cook to the Mythical Slayer accompanied by a few Mythical Beasts (Girls)!

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