My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

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    Qin Huai crossed into the mysterious fantasy world where demons were rampant and heroes were rising. He had no background or cultivation qualifications until the day he became a medicine store apprentice and started to cultivate with his fellow apprentices.

    He found that the experience orbs actually fell out of his master and brothers.

    He learned to grind medicine with his brothers.

    “Ding! ‘Medicine Art’ Experience+3!”

    His Master and brothers practiced martial arts.

    “Ding! You picked up an ‘Essence of Qi Cultivation (White)’, ‘Qi Cultivation’ experience +3!”

    He killed the bandits in the mountains and picked up their cultivation.

    “Ding! ‘Astringent Breath Technique’ experience +13!”

    His master said that the technique was not good at attacking, had a cultivation limit, and could only prolong life.

    But when Qin Huai picked up the experience until the Astringent Breath Technique was 50 times stronger, his body took a tremendous change. A gentle push of his hand was like a wave. He could now both attack and defend.

    People said that when two kinds of cultivation methods clashed, continuing to cultivate would lead to the death of the cultivator.

    However, when Qin Huai picked up experience and directly skipped the cultivation process, he found there were no side effects at all!

    When Qin Huai practiced more and more cultivation methods, he suddenly found that those methods interacted with each other in his body and became stronger skills.

    Qin Huai, who could pick up experience, began to wander among the major powers.

    He saw flesh growing from white bones and the dead revived.

    He saw demons cooking 10,000 people and exuding extremely evil energy.

    He saw the Buddha statue chanting in the temple. Sanskrit sounded like a mantra.

    Qin Huai silently picked up experience in order to settle down in the chaotic world.

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