My Inner Voice Heard By Heroines

My Inner Voice Heard By Heroines

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    Riser traveled to the world of novels and became a villain. The first thing he does when he transmigrates is to retire from the engagement!

    I've seen this kind of villain routine in several novels, I didn't expect to experience it myself. Even so, I have to survive in this brainless novel world.

    But what happened next surprised Riser.

    Rias: “Riser, do you know the difference between you and the stars?”

    Riser asked in confusion. “What's the difference?”

    Rias: “Stars are in the sky, but you're in my heart!”

    Riser: “.... (Something is wrong with this woman. What about protagonist? What about the plot? As heroine, why don't you have any self-awareness!)”

    Grayfia: “Riser, you have helped me many times. If you want, I can promise you my body and heart.”

    Riser: “Cough, cough! That's an interesting idea. What about your fiancé?”

    Grayfia: “Fiancé? You mean Issei? I never recognized him as my fiancé. I hate him.”

    Looking at the heroines who were sucking up to him and ignoring protagonist, Riser felt very tired.

    “Sorry protagonist, these heroines don't want to be with you. Why not find another woman out there?”

    Seeing the heroines with villain, protagonist angry and vomits blood.

    Riser had no other choice but to bully protagonist to death.

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