My Evil System

My Evil System

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    Cross is a laborer and helper working in multiple construction sites and stores to pay his bills and food. The pay isn’t much, but he is content with his life. He has a job, a crappy rented apartment, and a girlfriend.

    But it all shatters when the world changes one day. A strange phenomenon teleports everyone into a world of fantasy, magic, dangerous beasts, and mystifying creatures.

    Everyone is given abilities, skills, and spells and can level up like in a game.

    And that’s not all. They are transported in a medieval timeline where technology is nonexistent, and living is harsher than one might expect!

    When Cross swipes his hand, a screen appears, and the first thing he read.

    ‖ E V I L S Y S T E M

    S I D E Q U E S T ‖

    * Insult Someone


    +100 EXP

    * Spank a girl’s butt


    +1,000 EXP

    ‖ E N D ‖

    ‖ E V I L S Y S T E M

    M A I N Q U E S T ‖

    * Brake up with your girlfriend


    +10,000 EXP

    Egg (?)

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