My Dual-Cultivation System

My Dual-Cultivation System

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    [Power System has beautiful Waifus as his spirits.]

    [Read for the great plot and a perfect HAREM. There will be SMUT chapters only when required. The protagonist isn't Naive and treats his woman with care.]

    [Read only if you want a great plot, sweet romance, a perfect harem, and good smut without any forced development.]

    [Story would make sense as you progress I have avoided info dump and explained in a natural way to answer each question through the characters.]


    [Dual Cultivation System installed]

    Yue Yan Gets kidnapped by the goddess on his sweet night with his girlfriend. She asks him to help her on a mission against the XieLong temple but he turns her down.

    Later, some mysteries reveal their past and Yue Yan agrees to help her in order to meet his Bing'er again who has also been sent to the new world.

    When he transmigrates into the body of Meng Long, he finds out he has a special Physique, the Supreme Yang body that stops his growth in Cultivation unless he Dual-Cultivates with a woman.

    Yue Yan's new family had mistreated his predecessor Meng Long so he decides to leave the clan to embark on a new path with his beautiful concubine Xue Rou.

    Join Yue Yan AKA Meng Long, in his Journey to reach the pinnacle of the world.

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