Mrs. Huo Pretends to be Weak Every Day

Mrs. Huo Pretends to be Weak Every Day

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    Everyone mocked Miss Ye, who was found in a village and brought home, for being pretty but talentless. They waited for the Ye family to kick

    Ye Beisheng out. Ye Beisheng retaliated by saying, “Damn it. I’m not going to sit still and look pretty. I’ll drop the act!”


    “The Princess of the Hacking World is my friend,” a jerk said.

    Ye Beisheng replied, “I’m pampered by everyone in the Hacking World. I’d never be friends with a piece of trash.”

    “I know she’s jealous of me because the Queen of Perfume once gave me a compliment,” a bitch said.

    Ye Beisheng replied, “I’m the Queen of Perfume. Who are you?”

    The jerk and bitch who waited for Ye Beisheng to screw up were dumbfounded. “Huh?”

    Rumors had it that Mr. Huo had a wife who had good looks but no other talent. Everyone wondered why a bright man like Mr. Huo would fall for a woman like that.

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