Mrs. Huo Is Known for Her Predictions of Misfortune

Mrs. Huo Is Known for Her Predictions of Misfortune

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    Huo Buyu was the young master of the most prestigious family in the Imperial Capital, but everyone knew that the person they really needed to avoid offending was his wife, Ye Yao. She was known for how her words could turn mentions of misfortune into reality, and whoever she cursed verbally would end up suffering.

    “Oh, dear. It’s so hot. I hope it rains,” Ye Yao said.

    “…” Huo Buyu remained silent while he watched raindrops falling from above.

    “Ehh? Isn’t that my ex-boyfriend, the one who wouldn’t stop hassling me for ages? Look at his long legs. They’ll probably trip him when he walks,” Ye Yao said.

    The person walking in front suddenly tripped over a stone and fell flat on his face.

    “Well done!” Huo Buyu exclaimed.

    Usually, only the bad things verbalised by Ye Yao would happen, while the good things rarely did.

    One day, Ye Yao had news for Huo Buyu. “Huo Buyu, I think I’m pregnant!”

    As Huo Buyu calmly turned the page of the document he was reading, he remarked, “You should tell me why you can’t get pregnant.”

    Ye Yao pinched his ear. “I really am pregnant!” She showed him the two red lines on the pregnancy test kit.

    Huo Buyu dropped his document. Was she really pregnant? Was he finally going to be a father?

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