Mr. Qin, Your Mute Wife is a Full-Level Bigshot

Mr. Qin, Your Mute Wife is a Full-Level Bigshot

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    After reincarnating, she pressed against Mr. Qin. “Sir, from the darkness on your forehead, I predict you’ll soon face a major disaster. If you want to overcome it, you’ll have to marry me. I can guarantee that you’ll have many children and grandchildren. You will also become as rich as a nation.

    “Mr. Qin, who was already as rich as a nation, said, “Get lost.”

    “Honey, when will we have our third child?” He asked one day.

    “So what if she’s Mrs. Qin? She’s still a useless mute,” a hater said.

    Shocking! Mr. Qin’s mute wife was actually a world-famous voice actor, actress, award-winning scriptwriter, bestselling author, esports champion, top-notch hacker, and god-like racer…

    “Ehh… It’s all for the purpose of entertainment. It doesn’t serve society at all.” The hater was feeling panicked.

    Shocking! Ye Caitang is the Dean of the International Medical Research Institute.

    “I surrender. There’s no messing with this one. Goodbye…” The hater said.

    “Mr. Qin, how do you feel about marrying a full-level bigshot?” The media asked.

    “Huh? Isn’t my wife a fortune-teller?” Mr. Qin replied.

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