Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

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    The first time they met, she had barged into his room when he just came out of the shower.

    She calmly met his dangerous gaze and teased boldly, “Hey handsome, nice body~” The second time they met was at an extravagant banquet.

    She had been charming and flamboyant.

    Right after torturing someone, she leaned toward him and asked coquettishly, “I heard that you’ve been claiming that I’m your girlfriend and using me as a shield. Well then, can you help out a tool like me?”

    Since then, Master Qin gained a chaotic little monster at home who riled him up every day.

    Everyone said that the An family’s real daughter couldn’t compare to the fake daughter because she was raised as a country bumpkin.

    She couldn’t even compare to the fake daughter’s hair. Alas, everyone was slapped in the face, along with the fake daughter.

    They were even tortured until their insides turned green.

    Then, they claimed that even if the real daughter could compare to the fake daughter, she was still just an abandoned daughter who wasn’t loved by her parents and had no power, that she wasn’t worth Master Qin.

    Unbeknownst to them, when her parents realized it, they and her four brothers had been begging her to come home. Until one day, the real daughter announced that she was retiring from the scene to look after her husband and children.

    At that moment, countless tycoons and magnates wailed, begging her to stay…

    Wild, savage, and charming little monster VS abstinent, protective, and flirty CEO

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