Love After a Steamy Affair

Love After a Steamy Affair

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    He agreed that we would go our separate ways after three months, so why is he still pestering me now?

    “Gabriel Jones, it’s over between the two of us. What exactly are you trying to do now?”

    Gabriel Jones nonchalantly replies, “Because we the number of times we’ve slept together isn’t enough.”

    “So? Are you planning to pester me forever?”

    “Well, how about we get married? That way, I can sleep with you legally from now on. In this way, we can pester each other forever.”

    Someone once said , “Judging from the way you are indulging her, she will ride over you sooner or later.”

    Gabriel slowly puts down the document file in his hands and replies with a hidden intent, “If she is willing, I would love for her to ride me.”

    Although I wasn’t here for you in the first half of your life, I will make sure to accompany you for the rest of your life. – Gabriel Jones

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