LONE: The Journey Beyond

LONE: The Journey Beyond

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    For every misfortune there shall lay some fortune. For every debt there shall lay a debtor. For every karma there shall lay some result. The Cosmos follows only one rule-

    The law of equivalent exchange!

    Reven Greh, an orphan, a guy who wanted nothing more than a family and a life of a normal human being. His misfortune being born on the Earth riddled with World Wars. Lost all hope until one day someone shows him light. His father Aarav Greh who adopts him.

    He aspired to have a happy life with his father but the World demanded something else. Humans didn't have humanity left inside them. They were monsters hungry for more war to satisfy their greed.


    All this changed on that day when it began...

    'The Lunar Doom' which changed humanity and their destiny. The World changed, the era changed. Humans adopted to the new world to resist, to fight and to not give in to their greed.

    Follow this journey of Reven to the beyond.

    Join us!!!

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