Inside an Incomplete Novel

Inside an Incomplete Novel

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    “Well, well, well, it looks like someone has missed the memo,” I chuckled, as I stared into his bewildered eyes.

    “You, my friend, are in the land of fiction, where everything is just... make-believe.” I snorted.

    “What are you talking about?” he asked, still trying to make sense of my words.

    “ I'm talking about the fact that we are characters in a freaking novel!”

    “The woman you foolishly slept with is one of the main characters!” I sneered, finding humour in his predicament.


    “You know the story, don't you?” he demanded, his tone sharp. “Write it out or give me the gist of it.”

    “Sigh…”'How does he accept things so easily?' I thought.

    “So, let me get this straight,” I began, frustration seeping into my voice. “The novel we're in doesn't even have a proper conclusion, and there are five women playing lead roles along with a man who is the protagonist. Sun-Jung, a boy from my class, is the protagonist and Ruby here, is supposed to be the villain as the heir to the devil's throne.”


    Meet Kael Hashirae, the mysterious and richest man in the world. Despite his incredible power, he is humble and compassionate towards those in need. But everything changes when he falls in love with a mysterious girl, and his world is turned upside down. Join Kael on his journey as he navigates through love, power, and the unknown in this world of captivating incomplete novel.


    [Sometimes the purest good is drawn from the vilest evil ]

    The concept of human nature has been questioned numerous times throughout history. Debates on the issue have come and gone, but the underlying question still remains on the minds of societies across the globe :

    “Are humans generally filled with an innate sense goodness and light or are we debase creatures at heart continuously tainted with the stains of vice?”

    'Human Beings', a self-centred kind of mortals believed or should I say still believe that a good heart or performing good deeds will lead them towards the path of enlightenment.

    This whole concept seemed funny to me, because beings that don't know what enlightenment is talk about path towards the same while hiding their desires deep inside them.


    Maybe it's time to change my ways,

    The lure of money, power, and fame has lost its blaze.

    Being a King is more than just a scheme,

    I've found peace in music, money, and meditation, it seems.

    If only I could recall why I began this quest,

    Seeds in my pocket, but the garden's a distant nest.

    But I won't give up until I find my way,

    Planting trees to harvest bats for the big leagues, I'll play.

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