I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen

I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen

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    Alex is a handsome, ordinary college student. No, he is an extraordinary person, 18 years old and a virgin on top of that. It was his first year in college, but unlike most freshmen; he spent most of his time studying and reading alone. Sounds typical, right? However, the reason for being an outcast and an introvert, despite being good looking, is his eyes' color.

    His looks are above average, he is handsome and charming. Even so, his eyes' iris are red.

    He was brought into the world with a rare condition; it made him unwanted , and he got bullied for having such oddish eyes.

    Some people were nice to him, like his mom, but the majority mistreated him, and kept him away from them.

    But everything started changing!

    After he got possessed by a succubus queen who needed his help!


    • Quick Development In Characters!

    • A Nice Plot!

    • Perfect Hot Smutty Scenes!

    • Lots Of Harem!

    • No NTR, No Rape!

    • No Strong Incest (Blood Related)

    • Balanced Romance!

    • Loveable Characters!

    • Tragedy And Dark Moments (Rarely)

    • Heart-Warming Romance!

    • Kinks And Fetiches

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