Global Awakening: I created the system

Global Awakening: I created the system

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    “When everyone believes a lie it becomes the truth”

    “When everyone is in a dream then it becomes reality”

    [Blue Star, year 20023]

    Like every other day on the blue start, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. At least it should have been until it happened!

    Before anybody could react, the whole planet was infected by a burst of strange energy giving things both living and nonliving incredible abilities and characteristics.

    The Qin terracotta warriors came to life shouting that their emperor was about to descend

    Mona Lisa stepped out of her painting saying a new era had begun

    In the Vatican, an ancient tomb arose from the ground saying Jesus was about to rise once more

    Hitler's cap appeared giving a random German the ability to brainwash millions of lives

    All around the world, strange events started happening with historical and legendary items taking the lead

    And if that wasn't unexpected enough, they came!

    The Gods and Monsters who humans of the blue start only thought of as myths or legends began to descend

    Choosing various warriors and awakeners to carry their will

    These people were called divine warriors and stood out from the awakened

    Unexpectedly, a thousand years later the Blue star had produced hundreds of strongmen capable of kicking the moon and punching the stars.

    However, in the most unbelievable circumstances, the most powerful gods and awakeners gathered together to defeat one man

    Deceiver Ye Tian!

    Characterised by a signature joker mask, he was one awaker whose true abilities were never known

    Displaying an array of different powers on each occasion, he was dubbed the title “Jack of all trades master of all”

    Unfortunately, under the combined attack of the powerhouses including Zeus, Odin, and the Dragon goddess Tiamat, there was no chance for him to survive

    Using his last means, he transports himself to the past planning to use his power properly and fix all regrets

    “With this power, the universe shall fall at my feet!”

    Deciding to abandon the humans who betrayed him, deciding to live for himself

    Ye Tian devices a means to force all lives to work for him without ever revealing his identity

    Using his power he created the one thing which would cause all life in the universe to yearn for

    Using his power, he created the one thing which could only be thought of as fiction even with the advent of global awakening

    Using this power, he creates the system!

    This is a story of how Ye Tian, the future lord of the multiverse, The biggest black hand behind the scenes, The source of the extraordinary, The only God, The father of Evil Gods, and The master of the system is born!

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