Do You Want to Marry Me?

Do You Want to Marry Me?

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    When Jin Nian was about to get engaged, she caught her drunk boyfriend calling his first love while he cried. “Please tell me how I can stop thinking about you!”

    “Stop crying. You two should just get married. Don’t ever leave each other!” Jin Nian exclaimed.

    Jin Nian called off the engagement without hesitation, but her relatives berated her for being clueless. Feeling exhausted, Jin Nian wanted to marry someone randomly. She reached out to her childhood best friend on the internet. “Do you want to marry me? We know each other well. Let’s just make do with this arrangement.”

    One second after she sent the message, Jiang Qingchi replied. “Is being with me considered making do?”

    “No, no, no. You have an expensive house and an expensive car. You’re way out of my league!”

    “Bring your household booklet. I’ll meet you in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau,” Jiang Qingchi said.

    “Huh?” Jin Nian was confused. That was the story of how they got married in a flash.

    One night, Jin Nian’s ex-boyfriend realized he couldn’t forget about her. He was prepared for her to get back together with him.

    To his surprise, the person who opened the door was Jin Nian’s husband, Jiang Qingchi! Jiang Qingchi was wearing a bathrobe, and there were visible love bites on his neck. He smiled vaguely. “Are you looking for my wife?”


    One morning after their marriage was exposed, Jin Nian woke up feeling sore throughout her body. She unintentionally overheard Jiang Qingchi speaking to someone on the phone.

    He was watering flowers on the balcony, and he had a cigarette between his lips. He clutched his phone between his neck and his shoulder. “I don’t care how much money you offer me. All I want is Jin Nian.”

    Jin Nian was speechless. He didn’t have to exaggerate their fake romance!

    Later, Jin Nian coincidentally came across an old book on a shelf. It was her gift to Jiang Qingchi on his eighteenth birthday. The pages were nearly falling apart. On the last page, she could read Jiang Qingchi’s beautiful handwriting. “Jin Nian, when can you turn around and look at me? You’re so dense.”

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