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    The world has never been perfect but it was a million times better than what it is today!

    Blue meteorites rained upon the world and changed everything. That very night thousands of lives were lost and many thought the worst had passed, little did they know something worse is about to happen!

    The world was covered with blue mist and by the morning it was all gone. The genes of the human race was mutated and a select few had their mutated genes, activated, granting them power and today they are called deviants.

    ‘With great power comes great responsibilities’

    If many understood what this meant, the world wont be as messed up as it is right now. With the governments biased towards the deviants, the powerless humans are discriminated against and crime rate has risen exponentially.

    Deviants swagger about, doing what they want with no one to keep them in check, the world was thrown into chaos, animals were affected by the blue mist and mutated as well! it was only a matter of time before the human territories was taken over by the mutated beasts!

    The mess we are in right now is because of the deviants and someone has to make them pay for their actions. This is where I come in!

    I am Alex Briggs, member of the Briggs family!

    I will become the strongest!

    I will become the absolute!

    I will fix the cruel world by whatever means necessary!

    Author : Antihero protagonist who’s a scheming mastermind & doesn’t trust anyone. MC is smart & quick witted person who knows how to adapt to situations quickly.

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