Debauchery of a Soul-Eating Wraith

Debauchery of a Soul-Eating Wraith

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    “From here on out, I'll only do what I want. What makes me Happy”

    After years at a dead-end job, Evian finally has enough and quits to pursue his passions but before he could even revel in his new freedom, tragedy struck and he became a creature of Decadence.

    Condemned to a life of devouring souls in exchange for strength, Evian is pulled out of the world he knew and made to possess the body of a namesake in a different world of Magic and all sorts of wonder.

    A world home to different races taking residency in their own separate corners of it.

    In this new world, Evian will find so many opportunities opened to him and it won't take long for him to begin to indulge in those opportunities.

    After all, Souls taste good but beauties- Beauties taste even better...