Daily life of a cultivation judge

Daily life of a cultivation judge

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    Yang Qing sighed as he gazed upon the black building that stood tall piercing the skies above with an inviolable aura around it.

    “The Order sure is black-hearted,” he angrily thought as he made his way into the building begrudgingly.

    The building could be considered his home away from home and a source of endless grief for him due to its unforgiving working hours.

    The building housed the courtrooms of the Cultivation Order Society, an organization founded to maintain a semblance of order in the ruthless cultivation world of the southern continent who if left to their own devices would sink the whole continent to the ground.

    Due to how impetuous cultivators were, the cases never stop.

    “Yi Jie, what do we have today?”

    “Two cultivators at the palace realm fought over a treasure and destroyed half of the territory of the blue deer kingdom in their fight,

    A rogue cultivator is suing the owner of the falling meteor blacksmith shop for selling him a faulty saber that keeps attracting lightning tribulations.

    A cultivator suffering from pill poisoning is blaming it on the white hilltop restaurant as he suspects they are feeding their spirit beasts pills to make them bigger and fatter.

    And the last case is 500 families are suing a cultivator by the name of Ren Fu for being negligent as a husband and a father whilst also pilfering their resources dry as he moves from place to place.,”

    Awkward silence ensues...........

    Join me as we follow Yang Qing in his role as a judge in the Cultivation Order Society with cases and troubles that never seem to end.

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