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    This is a Classic Love story, cute and sweet like an overripe apple with a little bit of sour ^^

    This is Male’s lead! its DanMei or BoysLove or BL.

    A cute love story between a Powerful, Fierce, Magnificent Crown Prince to a very weakly Hua Bai Ying, a young, sweet, sixteen y.o Hua BaiYing, a young man who almost can’t do anything, even always gets in trouble and hurt himself,

    While the Crown Prince is known to be so powerful, strongest more than the force of the River, the mountain, or even the sky, his hobby was to cut enemy’s heads and slash and kill without mercy, but his life turns to soft and has to surrender to beautiful, gentle, delicate, HuaBaiYing,

    he’s a big pervert, who likes to touch BaiYing here and there as he only belongs to him, only his! Who dares to touch him, you want to die?!

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