Creation System: Reborn As A Fantasy Worldsmith

Creation System: Reborn As A Fantasy Worldsmith

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    *Ding* [Creature-link successful! You have created a new creature!]

    Lyrian Theageld's life was nothing short of a nightmare. He had been a slave and a victim of

    constant abuse before he finally died. But instead of finding peace, he was reincarnated into a fantasy world where he was given a second chance to discover his identity and find his place in the world.

    Determined to never be a victim again, Lyrian became obsessed with gaining power. He knew that the only way to achieve his goal of never being at the mercy of others was to become powerful enough to rule the world. With his unique ability to create new things from the old, Lyrian was able to merge skills, beings, and magic elements to create something entirely new, which helped him grow in power.

    Lyrian's past experiences made him determined to never be a victim again, and his search for identity and power are inextricably linked. Thus, he embarks on a grand journey of power, and a sense of self where he gains companions with goals no less impressive than his, battles powerful foes that are worthy of being called monsters and eventually even takes over vast empires.

    Will his resolve throughout this legendary adventure allow him to find what he’s been searching for all along, standing atop the countless heads of his enemies, or will he forever be lost in his pursuit of power? Only time will tell.


    Lyrian will not be your typical mc, so do not expect for him to be a cold and selfish lone wolf, nor a righteous hero. Throughout the story he will be trying to find himself, and so do not judge him harshly for any of his actions either, as he could change in a heart beat (;


    Also, the first two chapters (can be considered prologue) when the mc hasn't died yet are quite dark, but the story takes quite a turn when he is reincarnated. Not into something that's bright and jolly by any means, just something that you could call a normal amount of darkness and lightness, that's of course ever changing as well.


    There will be no harem whatsoever in this novel, and when it comes to romance, it will be scarce, if not completely invisible until 500+ chapters.

    PS: There will be a point in time where the mc personality will completly change in a certain way. It is recommended by the author to read until that moment.

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