Chef in the Apocalypse

Chef in the Apocalypse

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    “Cataclysm: Worlds End”

    The name of the game that threw the world into disaster. 3 months after its release it descended onto Earth, merging with it and creating an apocalypse.

    Hordes of bloodthirsty monsters were let loose onto the waking world, killing and destroying everything in its wake. Landmarks were torn down, whole continents left desolate in the destructive wake of the Cataclysm.

    As the Cataclysm descended, every human regardless of age heard a monotonous voice in their heads...

    [Choose your Class]

    The story follows Jayce, an accomplished Swordsman who is killed by a boss monster 10 years after the apocalypse began. One of his last sentences before his death was how he dreamed to be a Chef when he grew up.

    After his death, he returns back in time to the release day of Cataclysm. Having 3 months to try and figure out a way to improve his odds of survival this time around.

    And the day finally arrived.

    [Choose your Class]

    [Class: Chef has been chosen]

    “W-Wait what? I didn't even get a choice!”