Blood Elf Monarch

Blood Elf Monarch

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    Abandoned since birth, mistreated, exploited, betrayed, and hurt. This was all society had offered to Tristan.

    The day of his release from prison, he was transmigrated to the world of orcs and elves and forced to become the Legendary elves champion. The Blood Elf.

    [Blood Elf Monarch Innate Ability Activated]

    [Stage One Skill - Blood Extraction]

    [5000 Mix of low qualities blood cells found]

    [Extract Blood Cells]

    [2000 Blood Essence Extracted]

    [Battle power increase exponentially]

    Being the Undying Ancient Blood Elf during the war between races of humans and elves, will Tristan renounce his people to be part of the Elves, or will he follow his own resolve?

    Follow The Adventure of Tristan as he becomes the leading Monarch of the Universe

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