A Warlock's Ascent

A Warlock's Ascent

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    Dave couldn't help but chuckle at the mess he was stuck in. He was lying under the shade of a tree, one of his hands was missing, one of his legs was broken, and most of his torso was melted by acid. He is going to die, a very slow and ruthless death.

    In his last moments, he could not help but be reminiscent of the life before this stupid game. He was a cook, living in a small town. He lived a pretty typical life at that time. But all of that changed, when was kidnapped on the way to his home. He was kidnapped by the same gods whose existence was nothing more than a piece of fiction for him.

    He was thrown into another dimension and forced into a game called R3T or Race to the Top. The game itself was pretty simple, every player had to cross the 9 worlds comprising this dimension, and the first one to cross the 9th world would be given a very special reward. Any wish winner would be granted by the Gods.

    Furthermore, Gods would entice players in joining their familia, with the promise of power to survive in this dangerous world. But joining the familia only bounded players in shackles. Players were meant to be puppets of Gods, cheap soldiers that they use to fight amongst themselves…

    But he stayed true to his path, he didn't care about fights amongst gods nor did he care about winning. He just wanted his freedom, he wanted to get back to his normal life. As he laid under the tree, slowing dying, it seemed to him that it was too much to ask for


    The God Hater has given you his helping hand. Will you take it?


    Seeing the message he smiled. Now it seems that this isn't the end of his journey.

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